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Just recently Nikki Gil do the stage play They’re Playing Our Song and admitted she had conversations can be a re-run.

Nikki also admitted They fall on her making stage plays. “That I was in love theater and I find myself that I enjoy it; , I grow as an artist when I get theater and I love the people I work with,” she said.

nikki_gilThe actress also confirmed the previous statement boyfriend Billy Crawford jealous with the intimate scenes with Nikki and Patrick Garcia pilot week of teleseryeng Apoy sa Dagat. Nikki’s more sensible, “Billy is not a teenager anymore and I also. Billy also knows s that I am not like that in the real life and knowing that it’s a role only.

Continuation on Nikki, even turn into real-life couple who often make intimate scenes in the art is still not easy for you partner, so what she did not always develop such a mess.

Nikki also confirmed that Billy knew about it so no matter how he is prepared for. Nikki’s story more about Billy, “He just said, ‘You understand so maybe if I did not just watch.” And for me, of course [I understand]. It takes a mature man to be able to handle that and I’m very thankful Billy, he knows that its just work. ”

Also been asked the singer-actress about  Billy t believes  that Nikki deserve to have much more acting projects because of its efficiency. “Of course he will say that, he’s my boyfriend,” Nikki’s righteousness. “Hopefully [true]. Any artist would hope for a good [project] … to continue if any of ‘those good things going on in their career, so hopefully that Billy would be an angel.


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