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Kris Aquino on ex-husband James Yap…

kris aquino Kris Aquino recently mended relationship with ex-husband James Yap is continuously getting better. On Tuesday, the Kris TV host took to her Instagram account to announce that she and the basketball superstar have agreed to split the cost for their son Bimby’s upcoming seventh birthday party.

She shared their conversation on the caption of the photo she posted and wrote: “Life continues to pleasantly surprise me. James asked me yesterday what my plans for Bimb’s seventh birthday and is he offered to split cost with me. I replied with the date and details and the cost. “He replied by saying go. I replied with smile whatever he was comfortable with. Then he answered again that it’s okay because it’s for Bimb.” Then I said thank you and please invite your girlfriend to join the celebration.”

James is currently in a relationship with Italian-Australian secretariat specialist Michela Cazzola. Meanwhile, despite admitting that they are “not there yet” in terms of having a smooth relationship as an ex-couple, Kris underscored that they she and James are “almost friends again.”

“we successfully split watching over Bimb in his TVC shoot Friday, I stayed until 6:30 PM and it was  turn until the shoot ended at 9PM.” She shared.

The reason behind her sharing story she says is “because it may help those in a similar situation.” As she previously emphasized, Kris once again recalled how their reconciliation happened. “the good will started because James text me on my birthday acknowledgement that I was an excellent mom. So maybe when we love our kids, we learn to forgive the failure of the marriage and we focus on succeeding as parents and being happy that we’ve all move forward.” Kris Shared.


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