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Iza Calzado on Starting Over Again…

iza calzado In an interview after the film’s premiere night on February 11, Iza humbly explained why she thinks people thought that she was better than the Home Sweetie Home star Toni Gonzaga.

Despite being lauded for her acting in her first film for 2014, Starting Over Again actress Iza Calzado shrugged off insinuations that she trumped co-star Toni Gonzaga’s performance.

“It was happened only because my moments are few so you remember when I came out, but she is the lead and the film was not being able to reach its success if she’s not giving her all. So it was understood that the lead characters are as good as well their supporters”, she said.

With her performance in the film being lauded by fans and critics and considered flawless, the Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Doubles host singled out her confrontation scene with Toni as the toughest. Iza also shared that she’s grateful that Toni gave her “energy” for that sequence. “I am grateful of course! Because the scene will not work if they did not trust me and I was happy because Toni made it very well that it is why it stands out.

The ending might come off as unconventional for a Star Cinema flick, but Iza thinks it couldn’t have been done any other way “because people will find what is the right thing to do and what is the truth but it doesn’t matter that I am the one who do that for the film. And it is not because of their love teams that they are supposed to be a happy ending, said the actress who plays Patty in the film.

Iza also learned a valuable lesson from the movie Starting Over Again that “morally it teaches people, that when you make a mistake , you own up to it and not everything you want in life you’ll get, especially since she did something wrong”.

Starting Over Again is directed by Olivia Lamasan starring Toni Gonzaga, Iza Calzado and Piolo Pascual and is showing in over 140 theaters nationwide.



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